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we know our artisans by name. 

90% of our goods are purchased in Mexico.

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At MERCANTIL, Sourcing as locally as possible is the first step to real sustainability. We strive to work with artisans in our neighborhood first, greater Baja California Sur and then go outward to mainland Mexico and Latin America.  We believe we should be buying furniture from our continent. Our carbon footprint matters.

We make sure the materials we specify are legal and sustainable materials, we are supporting well-managed forests, manufacturing, and local economies throughout the world.

We are committed to being environmentally conscious and responsible for the products we develop, and the people we work with. Whether sourcing wood, metals, leathers, or fabrics, we trace sources to confirm we are practicing good stewardship of the land and the people we do business with.

Our partners practice smart forest management, proper hide tanning and dying techniques, safety and environmental harvesting, as well as manufacturing of our metals. We practice and educate health and safety standards for the workers and the environment for all our materials utilized.

We work extremely hard to provide handcrafted products while ensuring the beauty and longevity of this incredible planet. It is not an easy task, but one we feel highly passionate about. If you keep your furniture forever and pass it down to the next generation, we have done our best work.


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